Who is organising the walk?


walktheBVI is NOT AN OFFICIAL EVENT. It is quite simply two people, Sophie Leroy and Roger Carter, doing their own sponsored walk around the island trying to raise money. They are extending an invite for anyone to join them in the walk. But it must be recognised anyone who joins the walk is doing so at their own risk


Do I need to register to walk? Does it cost to enter?


No, it is FREE!! As this event is not an official event by an organisation, there is no registration process. Just turn up at the start point, or anywhere along the route, and join in for as long or as little as you like!


What about road safety?


You are walking at your own risk. However, an on-island contact is meeting with police (who we understand are under major stress right now) to possibly help with the event as they would have done pre-Irma, for similar walks or races. If the police are unable to do so, we will put a call out for anyone who can help by driving, and being a support car, one at the back of the group and one at the front, to help pre-warn other drivers.


What do I need to bring with me?


You are responsible for bring your own water, hat, sun protection. Again, this is not an official event by an organisation, so you must arrange or bring your own supplies, as well as wearing good footwear, preferable trainers.


What do I wear?


Comfortable footwear (trainers), hat or cap, shorts, t-shirt, whatever you want to walk in.


Where do I buy a t-shirt?


We will sell them each morning before the walk, at the meeting point. If you are off-island, please email us your order. Prices to be confirmed.

Where, and for how long, do we walk each day? 


Check the SCHEDULE PAGE, the route and distance is displayed. Each day is between 10-15km (7-10 miles) which will take approximately 4 hours to walk. However, we may choose to stop for water or rest and to talk to the community, which will add time. And obviously we all have different fitness levels and walking speeds.


How do I get back to the start to reach my car?


There will be no arranged transport to return to the start each day, you will need to speak with your friends and family about getting home or back to your car at the end of the walk each day.


Can I just do part of the walk?


Of course, you can come out of your home and join us for a few hundred metres, one or two miles, the whole morning, or even the entire 7 days, it is totally up to you. As little or as much as you like.


How do we get to the other islands?


Again, this is your responsibility. Roger and Sophie will be using the usual ferries, and paying the usual ticket price. Whether you come on the ferry, a private boat or swim (although we do not recommend swimming) it is up to you! And in Anegada and VG, you will also need to arrange to get to the starting points from the ferry dock, we will probably be getting a taxi!


How do I donate and where does the money go?


Go to the DONATE PAGE for more information. A charity was chosen with Sophie and Roger’s personal knowledge of the people involved and the island, and after consultation with the local community They have chosen ‘direct action’ charity which means the money goes directly to the people helping those on the ground. Adopt A Roof are working with a local construction company to rebuild roofs on the island.